Friday, February 13, 2009

Personal Prayer Request

I cannot think of a post in recent memory that's been as difficult to write as this one. It's not often easy in these instances to say just the right thing in just the right way. But for me ... to write this post is to acknowledge a reality that hadn't really hit me until the words were in black and white.

But you, dear friends & family, should know what's going on now. Now that the path is very clear. What I'm about to tell you is very serious and will likely require you to be sitting down. I've just found that scary news is often better-handled when one is sitting down - prepared for it to come. I will warn you: I am not going to spare the information. So if you're a sissy, be prepared for NO censoring.


Over the weekend, Derek was experiencing some discomfort in his groin. This led him to do a self-exam in which he discovered a suspicious lump in his testicle. He met with his primary care physician on Monday who referred him for an ultrasound. Tuesday's ultrasound showed a 1.2 cm solid mass on his right testicle. His primary care discussed the test results. In short, 95% of solid testicular masses are malignant. On the upside, the mass is small and probably in early stages of development. (It certainly wasn't there 18 mos. ago when he had his physical!) His primary care referred him to a urologist who is better-equipped to deal with the mass. We met with the urologist Thursday. He confirmed that most masses are malignant and that the testicle will definitely need to be removed for biopsy. We asked about second opinions and oncology consults, but the simple answer is: the first course of action for any specialist is to remove the testicle for pathological testing. So ... next week, Derek will have his right testicle removed. It will take anywhere from three days to two weeks to receive the results from pathology. From there, we'll know: a) whether it's cancer, b) what stage it is, c) what type it is, and d) whether further treatment will be required. They ran a whole battery of tests on Thursday - from bloodwork (looking for certain markers) to C/T scans to x-rays - and will run a few more on Monday in preparation for Tuesday's surgery. Aside from the surgery, all we can do now is wait.

Please pray for us over the next couple of weeks as we await the results & what steps may lie ahead.


The Cockrells said...

Oh Susan. I am teary reading this. I will definitely be praying for you guys through this. PLEASE let me know of any news, good or bad. I am praying for the best and sending good thoughts.

Love you.

Will I see you at Heather's shower on Saturday? I'd love to see you.



I just want to state that it was brave of you to post it. Your article may help someone or encourage them for a self-exam or a physical.

Stay strong, it will be hard emotionally as well as physically


what I meant to say is that healing is never fun, it hurts (when I spoke of staying strong).