Monday, January 12, 2009

In a Whoosh

Was it just me or did the weekend seem to fly by? And the sad thing is that we didn't really do that much. I did get the Christmas decorations taken down & put away. Which ultimately led to me rearranging the attic to maximize storage space. And then we did a little light cleaning - there was glitter & pine needles everywhere - so the house was presentable for company on Sunday. Chrissy, Ross, and Zoe came over for dinner. It was so great to see them. We realized that we'd been playing phone tag since we had them over on Memorial Day. The busy lives we lead! Zoe's just as cute as a button & is growing like a weed. We watched Toy Story and pet the dog. Oh and Zoe LOVES to dance. You should have seen all of us dancing with her. We had a good time making fun of ourselves! Hilarious! Then we played a little Rock Band. Miss Zoe was a great Pip. LOL

Otherwise, well, that just about sums up all of the weekend excitement. Like I said, the weekend went by in a whoosh with little to show for it. Oh the exciting lives we lead! *wink*

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