Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'm Drawing a Blank

Okay. Clearly I'm not recovered from the revelry of Wednesday night b/c I cannot think of a catchy post title. Or maybe I'm just all out of ideas in general. Huh. Whatever.

Wednesday night was anti-climactic. Did you guys feel that way about New Years Eve this year? We had the annual hurrah with the neighbors. This year we decided to make this a black tie event - or the girls did anyway. {photos later when I can borrow them off Dan's camera} All but four us punked out before midnight. How lame. But the four of us left standing enjoyed a glass of champagne on the nice, toasty patio - complements of the patio heaters, of course - at the stroke of midnight. And then we all promptly went to bed. *sigh* I guess we're gettin' too old to enjoy the new year festivities anymore.

Thursday was, naturally, rest & recovery day. I mean, we were up past (way past) the usual bedtime, after all.

We had a patio christening last night. I planned for about 25 people. There were 8 of us. Whatever. So now we have leftovers. To add to the leftovers we're still eating. But who's counting other than my pants? Who say I need to give up the leftovers already for the love of gawd. But I digress. We had a nice time. The boys & Kelli watched football. I guess there was a championship game on? LOL! Daon & I enjoyed the patio. It was a patio christening party after all. It was a late night by the time it was all said & done. Derek & I sat on the patio with Kelli after everyone else left & chatted until the wee hours. Whoops - I think we need to put a clock out there! Needless to say, I'm not moving all that fast today.

Aside from that. There are no exciting weekend plans. We're all excitemented out.

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