Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day

Well, let's see. First news first, I'm at home on a "freebie" b/c of the weather. The arctic cold front projected to freeze us in overnight did just that - froze us in. Roads were coated in about 1/4 in. of ice this morning. I got the call about 615am that our office would be closed today. So yippee for a free day at home! I'm, of course, making good use of it - crafting away on some projects in the queue. Nevermind I should be using this opportunity to cross some things off the around-the-house to-do list (hello closets crammed to the brim with junk!), but what fun would that be?! *wink*

In other news, the weekend flew by in usual fashion. I caught up with a few friends on Friday & Saturday, did some house cleaning (is there anything more disgusting than the bathroom?!), and loafed around catching up on some shows on the DVR. It was nice. Derek had a successful business trip to sunny Florida. He came home with bonus check in hand, his quota for 2009, and a cold. Which he's now shared with me. Gee. Thanks.

And now you're all caught up.

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