Friday, January 23, 2009

Ever Feel Marked?

Man, I sure do. Once again, sweet Ezmerelda is in the shop. *sigh*

On my way to church on Wednesday, I almost got run over by an eighteen-wheeler. I was in my lane and he had just passed me on the right, so he knew I was over there. You see, there was a slow car in the right lane, which is why I hadn't gotten over when Mr. Eighteen-Wheeler-Man was riding my tail wanting me to go faster. I was just putting along - if you call 65mph putting along - knowing that I was going to pass that slow car in a jiffy. Well, Mr. Eighteen-Wheeler just couldn't wait & got over in the right lane anyway, passed me, came up on the slow car, and whipped himself over right in my lane! Knowing full well that I was over there! In the process of not getting run over, the stupid Mr. Eighteen-Wheeler hit something in the road that flew up & hit my Ezmerelda right in the nose. I have no idea what it was. I simply saw it come flying up from underneath the truck & had no time whatsoever to do anything other than say "oh crap," hear a big *thud* and hope that the damage was minor enough to allow me to get to my intended destination.

I did get to church fine. I took a quick peak at the front of my car & didn't notice anything at first. I gathered my stuff & started to go inside. I took one last quick glance back & thought "that's weird." I came back to the front of my car & figured out that the fog light on the passenger side was missing. Terrific. As it was duskish & hard to see, I knew I wouldn't be able to tell much beyond that until I got home & could shine some light on the car. Which I did forthwith, let me tell you. Upon closer & more detailed inspection, I couldn't see any damage aside from the fog light. Which is not too bad when one considers that whatever that thing was could have blown out my tire or come through my windshield or who knows what else.

So I took her in to the dealership this morning. My rep was so great at making me feel better. "You got it good, huh?" Gee. Thanks. But he did agree that it appeared that only the fog light is affected. The shop is going to inspect the whole car just to be sure there isn't more serious damage to the undercarriage, etc.

I swear, I feel marked in this car. And not one incident has been my fault. Seriously.

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Olga said...

well, at least you are ok.
im my jetta, i have been hit from behind by two different Hondas and 2 18-wheelers, all about quarter mile of my old job. then i got hit by an 18 wheeler on my 1st anniversary of even owning that car. count your blessings. could be worse.