Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to Work

Now that we're all done celebrating the holidays, it's time to get back to work & a more normal schedule. For me, the new year brings several changes. For one, I have a new boss. One of my bosses retired. So the end of 2008 was bittersweet as I marked the end of my time on his staff and looked forward to working in new chambers in 2009. My boss' retirement also means we have a new judge on the court. Aside from experience, he brings a peppiness the likes of which the court has not seen in many years. Good? Bad? Don't know. Guess it depends on whether or not you like to be greeted by a spry, chirping chipmunk early in the morning. (I jest about the chipmunk part, of course. But I think you get the mental picture I was going for.)

The new year also brings with it a few changes at the paid church gig. I believe I've mentioned that I have taken on a more prominent role there. I have agreed to be the Assistant Children's Music Director after a six-week trial run during Advent. I've worked with the kids off and on over the two years I've been at the church but only on an as-needed basis, which was usually during the spring when the kids put on their musical. My trial run during Advent had me teaching the kids (pre-K through 5th grade) music for several large programs, including the department-wide evening concert and Christmas Eve services. Those of you who know me know that OPKs rank right up there with a root canal in my book. But for whatever reason, these kids like me & seem to respond to my teaching style (do I even have one of those?). At least if you ask the Minister of Music. And since she's the boss, her opinion counts. *wink* So, for me, the new year begins a new assignment for the kids: teach them their spring musical. And, of course, it also means a raise. So score one for the music dept. b/c they get just about all of my salary back.

Personally, I haven't really thought about goals or resolutions for the new year. I'm great at making lists, but I never seem to follow through on the lists I make at the first of the year. Maybe b/c they're real challenges as opposed to the usual to-do lists. But perhaps if I were to go back & look at lists from previous years, I would see that I really do make progress. And perhaps that's what the lists are really for. Maybe I'll make that list after all.

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