Friday, December 05, 2008

Recession? What Recession?

Does anyone else find it funny that "the powers that be" are finally, after at least a year, acknowledging the economic downturn? I guess the elephant grew too large to ignore. We're both thankful to be in industries that do not feel the deep impact of the ups and downs of our global economy - people continue to file appeals and continue to break bones.

And with that, we move on to the ways in which we have directly stimulated the economy this week. *wink* The patio project is taking longer than anticipated, though we are not at all surprised. We figured it would b/c ... well, it's a very large space, particularly with the addition of seatable square footage, and it's a very big drainage problem being addressed. They finished laying the flagstone yesterday, and I have to say that it looks absolutely stunning. Everything is due for completion today - when they install the flowerbeds and walkways. *does the happy dance* I will, of course, post before & after photos. Next week, the patio gets its first test as we have a frontal system moving in that is due to bring rain. We expect a patio free of standing water for the first time in 5 1/2 yrs. And Dori will be grateful for dry paws!

In anticipation of our patio's inaugural soiree, we bought Home Depot's last two patio heaters. And yesterday, we ordered the most beautiful patio furniture. Incidentally, do you know how expensive that stuff is? Geez - we might have to start selling off organs at this rate. *LOL* But after much shopping around, we found a reasonably priced, name-brand set (surprise -surprise-surprise...I sure was!) on the Sam's website, which should arrive sometime before New Year's if all goes according to the quoted delivery schedule.

We're still on schedule for tomorrow's "mac daddy" surround sound installation. How I get talked into these things I'll never know... We'll now be able to watch our movies in true digital, hi-def, Blu-Ray sound. I'm so excited, can't you tell? Or is it obvious that this type of thing is completely lost on me? *wink* Whatever. What this will actually mean is more of "can you turn that down?!" *hahaha*

In other news, Derek went to his first physical therapy appointment on Wednesday, which turned out to be an interesting visit indeed. Apparently, he has absolutely no muscular structure on one side of his back (which one escapes me now). Who knows what ultimately caused the atrophy on the one side. Could be congenital. Could have been an injury. Essentially, this allows his spine to go all willy nilly b/c there's nothing to hold it in its proper place. And in turn, that movement puts pressure on surrounding tissues, which ultimately leads to the muscle spasms. The p/t said it was going to be a long road to recovery (like, better than six weeks and more like six months) b/c they're starting from ground zero on building good core support. Derek's committed to resolving the problem and hopefully, in the end, living a life free of back pain, which will allow him to resume activities that he enjoys, like golf, and activities that his wife enjoys, like mowing the lawn. *LOL*

Is anyone else excited about this cold weather? Mmmm. I love it! Roaring fires in the fireplace & a toasty cup of coffee. Yessiree. Best time of year! Now I think I just might be ready to deck the halls. If only I had the time...

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