Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight ... Not For the Non-Reader

So...Daon arrived on time, of course, and I was running late, of course. I had left the porch light on but forgot to turn the lamp on in the formal living room, which faces the street, so the house looked dark when she pulled up. Whoops. And then I didn't hear my phone ring when she called to say *yo, you still going or what.* So she was a little panicked. But I got out the door about 5 min. after our appointed time and we headed to The Harbor.

The roads are pretty empty at 10:30pm on Thursdays. Did you know that? And even emptier at 2:30am. Anywho, when we exited the freeway, the parking lot at the theatre looked pretty empty. Surprise. And there didn't appear to be hordes of people queued up outside the theatre either. Surprise number two. So. Yay, we weren't going to have to stand in the cold.

When we got inside the theatre, there was a Rockwall policewoman directing ticket-holders to the lines for the various screens showing Twilight. "Theatre six? They've already seated so go ahead to the podium." Already seated? What? It's not even 11!!!! Daon & I looked at each other and said, "so much for terrific seats." When we got to the guy at the podium, he said, "yeah, I know your e-ticket says go straight to the podium, but our management is requiring that you trade that in for one of our tickets." Okay. So back out in the cold we went to get a "real ticket" from the counter. Did I mention it was *outside* in. the. cold.? Brrr. But lickety split we had our tickets and were back inside in the warm theatre. And back to the podium. "First door on your right. Enjoy the show."

Do a little happy dance. And on we go. 

D: Looks like it's full up top. 
S: Yeah.
D: Do you want to sit together or split?
S: Together. What about over there close to the top? Looks like two together.
{Up the steps to the top. Only to realize someone's in them. *Doh* Keep walking up to get better views.}
D: Looks like all that's left is down below.
{Walk down to middle aisle between levels}
What about these handicap seats?
S: Sure. If someone needs them, we can always move. And surely they would be here by now anyway.

Clearly those crazy kids - oh yeah, that theatre was FULL, I tell you, FULL of tweens & teens all sporting Twilight attire - had lined up super early just as the news stations were reporting. Which is why they got the good seats.

The seats we ended up with weren't too bad. Not at the best angle to see the whole
 screen. But certainly not a neck-strainer like the floor seats. Score one for us! So we took a few photos of ourselves as we waited. We had quite a bit of time, after all. And we had to get one of our Twilight gear. *grin*

So what did we think of the movie? Well, we had mixed reactions. They did a fair job of adapting the book to the screenplay. I say fair b/c it was basically the book on MAJOR fast-forward. Lots of holes. Lots of bouncing around. Overall, I thought the movie was well-acted as a whole. But I like the books 1000 times better. And I won't own the movie b/c the one in my head far surpasses the one on the screen every day of the week. If you haven't read the book, Daon & I both agree that you won't appreciate the movie & you'll generally have the *I don't understand what all the fuss is about* feeling and you sure won't be enthused enough to read the series for yourself, which, of course, you should do forthwith. So do yourself a HUGE favor. Read the book BEFORE you see the movie - you'll be glad you did. 

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