Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This, That, and The Other

So what else happened this weekend, you may wonder? Well, aside from all the fun we girls had on Friday night, I spent the remainder of the weekend working in the craft room on Christmas stuff.

Saturday started early b/c I had to get Ezmerelda to the shop for 9 a.m. for her 10,000-mile-service. Can you believe it? 10k already! On my way home, I did some gluten-free shopping for mom at Central Market. Then I met mom in Rockwall for scrapbook shopping before we headed home to spend the remainder of the day in the craft room. We had a great time and, of course, bought goodies that we didn't necessarily need but needed. *wink* And we got lots done, too. I'm proud to say that the outsides of my Christmas cards are done. Now I have to get the inside sentiments stamped/assembled, write notes in the cards, address them, and mail them. Looks like I'll be done by Thanksgiving!

Sunday I enjoyed a day at home. It's the first Sunday in I'm not sure how long that I didn't have morning obligations. And since we're about to enter into Advent, I know it's the only Sunday I'll have until the first of the year. So I took advantage of it. I spent all day in my pjs in the craft room working on the project I'd started the afternoon before. I was able to finish the prototype for another Christmas project & am tickled pink with the result. It took a little longer to finish than I anticipated, but now that the first one is done, I think the rest will come together much faster.

This week is a busy one. I have something to do every night. But I'm most excited about Thursday night b/c I'm going to the midnight showing of Twilight with my friend Daon. (Don't worry, Daon, I won't tell everyone about your celebrity stalking. *wink*) We read the entire series of books over the summer and absolutely fell in love with Edward and Bella's story. I'm not really sure how the movie will do the first book justice, but I can't wait to find out!

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