Saturday, November 22, 2008

That Was Interesting

Where do I even start? Thursday was quite an eventful day. I woke up anticipating the midnight showing of Twilight. My friend and co-worker Daon & I bought our tickets the day they went on sale & were lucky enough to snag them at a theatre very close to both of us. So we made our plans - she'd pick me up at 10:30 p.m. so we could cue up in plenty of time ... or so we thought. 

But my daydreaming of Edward ended abruptly at 9 a.m. when I got a frantic phone call from Derek who had, get this, "fallen and couldn't get up." Actually, he'd thrown his back out ... again ... while trying to pick up a t-shirt off the floor to cover the bath mat "since I know you don't like for me to step out with wet feet." {insert stab here (cause, yeah, I felt bad but who likes moldy rubber-backed bath mats??)} He heard a *pop* and hit the floor, where he still lies, as a matter of fact - well, not in the bathroom floor but in the floor nonetheless. It took him about thirty minutes to turn the water off in the shower, pull on some clothes, and drag himself to a phone to call me - all the while in excruciating pain. 

Naturally, the last bus from downtown to home had already run for the morning so I couldn't leave downtown until 3:45. Then began the calls to 1) find someone to cover the cases Derek had on the schedule for the day, 2) talk to the doctors whose cases he would be missing, 3) talk to a doctor to call in some drugs STAT, and 4) find someone to pick up his drugs & sit with him until I could get home. Derek's co-worker Michael stepped up to the task of covering his surgery schedule; his doctor was very understanding and was the one who called in the drugs he needed; and we were able to get his mom to be nurse for the afternoon so I was able to work all day.

Do you know how helpless you are to help someone with back pain? Let me just tell you. Pretty. Damn. Helpless. That's not a great feeling. Even with muscle relaxers and pain killers on board, Derek was miserable & couldn't move at all without setting off major back spasms. I won't even tell you the lengths we went to to get him to the bathroom. Let's just say, I will NEVER be a nurse. Gross! On. So. Many. Levels. Anyway. 

So basically he was cranky and loopy. Who wouldn't be, right?! My mother-in-law was kind enough to buy dinner. So she & I ate and visited a little before she headed for home, leaving me with the patient. Who really didn't want to listen to anything I had to say, whether helpful or not. He had dragged himself to the bathroom from the den while Mickey & I ate and I was trying to convince him not to drag himself back to the den & put all that stress on the spasming muscles but instead stay in the bedroom b/c he would be close to the bathroom & I could get him set up with the (tiny) tv just like he had been in the den. He got a phone call from a co-worker and a doctor during this discussion, and they finally convinced him that *hey, your wife has a good idea going there.* So I finally got him set up in the bedroom floor with phones and remote and pillows and his dinner.

Our neighbor Frank, who has major back problems himself, came over about 9 to help me get Derek into a neutral position to sleep. I won't even go into the screams and yells it took to get him there. B/c it obviously meant he had to move around which meant his back went in to full-on spasm mode with every move. Have I mentioned the helpless feeling? Yeah. Helpless. I felt helpless. We did finally get him as comfortable as possible and got some more drugs on board and he relaxed some, which of course helped with the spasms.

Enough so that I was still able to go see Twilight as planned.

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