Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slow and Steady Wins

So when I got home from the movie - at 2:30am - the patient was still awake, though dozing. I left a message at my office telling them about the situation at home and that I would not come in until late morning & would only be in for a few hours. I got Derek what he needed before I hit the hay myself. 

I was up & down throughout the early morning as he needed things so beauty sleep I did not get. Work called about 7:45am to tell me *why on earth are you going to try to come in at all* and to stay home. I tried to explain that I wanted to get stuff done b/c I'm scheduled to be out all next week. In the end, work convinced me that nothing was important enough to warrant me leaving Derek alone for any part of the day. I ultimately decided that I'll work half a day Monday instead.

The morning brought a small improvement. Derek was able to crawl. And he was able to crawl enough to get in the tub. So he took a hot bath, which always makes you feel better anyway, and crawled to the den to watch tv for the day. Turns out he was allergic to the pain meds, so we got something different. I also got a device from his dad to help relax the muscles in his back. I could describe this critter clinically, but it will make more sense if I say that it uses electronic pulses to stimulate the muscles and nerves to loosen them up. Physical therapists & chiropractors are the most common clients to purchase these units. Derek's dad sells them (and uses one himself).

As the day wore on, Derek began to show improvement. Though not off the floor even at day's end, he was able to get up and sleep on the bed as opposed to the floor - much kinder to toosh when you're toosh isn't all that padded. And he must have been alright b/c he didn't wake me up in the night.

When he got up this morning, he was still able to crawl and seemed even a little better than when I put him to bed. He's still in the floor, though we're both hopeful that he might be able to sit up by the evening. The combination of muscle relaxers, nifty machine, and hot baths seems to be doing the trick.

I'm still encouraging him to see the doctor on Monday. I think it would be wise to get x-rays & an MRI, even if they show nothing other than the problem is muscular. This back problem has been ongoing since January, and clearly it's around to stay. Better to rule out disc or nerve issues in the early stages. So rather than throwing drugs at the problem each time, we might actually be able to get an effective long-term treatment plan to prevent these episodes altogether.

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