Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girls Night

So I invited some of my good girlfriends over for wine & munchies on Friday. I hatched the plan b/c Derek was supposed to be out of town on business. It turned out that he didn't go on his trip, but he was kind enough to vacate to the sanctuary of Bob's house for the evening. The plan was to listen to the recording of my October recital b/c they weren't able to be there in person.

Well, let's just say, "the best laid plans" snuck up & bit me. And by that, I mean that my loverly recording wouldn't play on a single CD player in my house - not a single one. I even got my techno-geek on the job & he couldn't make the discs work either. That meant the only place we could listen to the discs was in Ezmerelda. Talk about a "cutie head moment," to borrow a phrase from SarahK.

So....we munched & drank & gabbed for several hours. I hadn't seen a few of the girls in a while so there was a lot to catch up on (like honeymoon & engagement stories). Despite our various backgrounds (though all but Daon are theatre geeks (hope we didn't bore you, Daon!)), we all "got on famously," as my Irish friends would say.

The girls finally decided that they wanted to hear at least one or two songs from the recital. So we piled into good ol' Ez & started the tunes. As you can see, a good time was had by all. 

Let's have another concert in the car again soon, girls!!!

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