Monday, November 10, 2008


All in all, it was a very productive weekend. Friday, Derek flew in early from a conference in New Orleans. So we enjoyed a nice, quiet evening at home. Can't really say that we accomplished much other than veg time. Saturday, we got an early start. I made breakfast, and then we loaded the truck & headed to the dump...finally! What shouldn't go to the dump went to the local recycle center (anyone know where you can take your styrofoam?). And the boxes of old clothes finally went to Goodwill. We put things in cabinets and drawers and hung stuff on walls. We spread mulch & fertilizer and put bundled water hoses away. While the garage is still not neat, tidy, & organized, it's well on the way and looks soooo much better now that all that trash is gone & things have found more permanent homes. *ahhh* Time to tackle the inside mess now, I'd say. ;p

Aside from that, we enjoyed the lovely weather while out & about running our errands. And Dori very much enjoyed the fact that we took her on several of our adventures. She loves to ride! And she loves that we took her to check out the brand new Rowlett PetsMart. It's sooo nice - and so much closer.

Yesterday I talked Derek into piano shopping. We've (I've) been talking about a piano for several years. I ultimately talked myself out of an acoustic piano. They're beautiful, but the upkeep and special care are just not worth it for my purposes. While I do play, I really need the piano for rehearsal purposes rather than entertainment or even teaching, for that matter. I've shopped around for quite a while without coming to any real definite decision. Mostly, I haven't had to b/c I've been able to borrow my mom's digital keyboard. But it's come to the point where I had to get one of my own. So we went to Guitar Center and looked around. And came home with a Yamaha Arius 140. It was super easy to set up, but most importantly for me, it plays much like an acoustic (hammer action, that is). I 0pted for the mid-range model b/c I don't need the bells & whistles or true-to-life hammer action that the more expensive models offered. My model does everything I need.

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