Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to Work

Can my week of vacation really be drawing to a close? It went by way too fast! I didn't get everything done. But it was nice nonetheless.

We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with the neighbors. We were supposed to have spent the week at the ranch, but plans changed with the boys' workloads & then Derek's back issues. So we opted to spend the time at home instead. It was a good thing too b/c Derek ended up working most of the week (despite the back - and much to my shagrin in that regard). (But he had a terrific month & is a little over $50k away from making quota. So yahoo for that!)

This is the first year in a long time that I haven't made the annual red-eye shopping trip with mom. We decided there wasn't anything for us to buy. And did you look at the ads? There wasn't a deal to be had anyway. Still, it felt a little strange. I did eventually get out, but I came home absolutely empty-handed. Derek had already spent all the money on his early-morning jaunt. *wink* Merry Christmas to Derek! (And I apologize to all of my neighbors in advance b/c once he gets that "big bad mamma jamma" surround system installed...well, you know what that means.)

The next week will be kind-of exciting at our house. Our new patio is due for installation Monday & Tuesday assuming the nice weather sticks around. Best Buy is coming to fix the big screen on Thursday. The darn bulb went out yesterday - but thank goodness for that extended warranty b/c the bulb is exPENsive (probably the only time I'm glad for the salesperson's upsale)! And the week closes with Kellum installing the new surround sound system on Saturday. (Like I said, Merry Christmas to Derek!)

Derek is doing better, for anyone who may be wondering. Still stiff but overall upright, which is a dramatic improvement over last weekend. He has his first physical therapy appointment this week. We're hopeful that things will continue to improve and further testing (i.e. MRI) will prove unnecessary.

The Christmas season is in full swing. So I will be busy, busy in the weeks to come - with singing engagements every weekend from now until Christmas. Sometime in there I have to get my decorations up...though I have no idea when that's going to happen. Guess I shouldn't have flaked off while I was home this last week. But I'm just not quite ready to be festive. Anyone else feel the same way? Maybe by the end of the week....

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