Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, my birthday weekend has drawn to a close. And what a grand (and busy) weekend it was! Friday, we had a lovely steak dinner with the neighbors. Good food, good wine, good dessert. Couldn't ask for more! Thanks to my friends & family who, in one way or another, made my day a special one!

Saturday I enjoyed a nice "lie in," as the Irish call it. Derek got me breakfast since he wasn't up early enough to do that on my birthday (I guess breakfast at 5:45 a.m. is kind-of a high expectation...LOL). I spent a fair portion of the day in my pjs making cards for all the folks involved in the recital. But late in the afternoon, I had to get ready to face the world & run some errands. I managed to bribe Derek into making that trek with me. Of course, it never hurts to mention he HAD to taste test cookies. =)

And then, the big day arrived. Whitney and I sang one of our recital pieces in morning worship. It was actually nice to have a reason to roll out of bed at a reasonable hour. Both of us would have otherwise been slugs most of the day & likely not warmed up until late afternoon. Not to mention, it was also a good plug for the evening performance.

Last night's performance, while not as well-attended as we had hoped, was a smashing success! Sure, we had our bobbles here & there - welcome to live performance - but all in all, we couldn't have asked for better singing. Everyone was complimentary. So...thanks
  • to all of our tech folks who made it possible;
  • to James McQuillen who played stunningly;
  • to our boss Nicki who gives us every opportunity to stretch our wings;
  • to our voice teachers who push us to be the best we can be;
  • to our families for their support & encouragement; and

a special thanks to everyone who was able to attend!

Afterward, I celebrated my birthday with my family over pot roast and homemade birthday cake. It was a good weekend indeed!

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