Monday, October 20, 2008


So with the recital behind me, I was under the impression things would slow down a little ... at least for a few weeks. If last week was any indication, someone lied about the slowing down part.

Actually. Last week was really just a fluke. Since my birthday fell a few days before the recital, no proper celebrating could be undertaken b/c I was holed up in the practice room every evening. And the weekend was slated for rest rather than celebration. So last week was a make-up for lost time. Tuesday we had dinner & a movie with the neighbors. (The new Indiana Jones movie is ... well ... disappointing at best.) Thursday we had Japanese with the neighbors at our favorite local restaurant. Friday we had sushi with my brother & his wife in Mesquite - who knew there was a good sushi place there?! Saturday we went to a murder mystery party - a mob wedding. It was terrific fun! Sunday I went to a show with my girlfriend Elise. The show was ... interesting. The cast was great. The musical itself ... well, the jury's still out on that one. But Elise & I always have a good time hanging out. We grabbed a snack after & sat around catching up for several hours. I'm not sure we can ever run out of things to laugh about.

But now the birthday is (mostly) celebrated and I can finally settle in to a quieter routine. But that, of course, does not mean that things have settled down that much. Nope. It's just that my next big event isn't for another eight(ish) weeks. So I have a little breathing room. A little time to stop and smell the roses, as they say. I'm looking forward to evenings at home, my favorite tv shows (aren't you just loving Fringe - ooooh, me too!!!), some time in the craft room. And I know my friends & family are excited about seeing me a little more often - and without me dashing off for an early bedtime (alright, earlier than usual).

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