Monday, October 20, 2008

No Going Back

After reading a little blurb in today's Quick about the new Mac smear campaign, I felt obligated to reply - in snarky fashion, of course. Enjoy!

Sure, you may be a PC. But you still suck. No matter who's tapping at your keyboard - Seinfeld, Longoria-Parker. You even admitted that it took a Mac (or two hundred) to produce the very commercial that affirms you aren't the dark side. Let's not forget. You get viruses. Irreparable viruses. Viruses that require me to lose everything & start over. And you crash. A lot. In the middle of important documents. In the middle of blurfing. For no reason whatsoever. And that project I was working on? Gone. Forever to the pits of parts unknown. That new "fabulous" OS you're now shoving down my thr... *ahem* I mean, selling to the public is compatable with ... oh ... basically nothing. Not even your own brand of software. Not even your own favorite factory-installed components. And the patch you put out to fix the flaws? It did nothing but create more problems. More glitches. More "you must be an administrator" messages. So. Yeah. You might be a PC. But Mac will always be superior to you. And once your PCers figure this out, they will kiss their new, shiny, take-me-out-of-the-box-and-hook-me-up-in-two-minutes-with-two-wires Macs every day. Because they can still run their favorite PC programs on their new, stable, superior, virus-free, crash-free Mac. And you know what? They'll never ask themselves why they ditched you. They'll just wonder why they didn't do it sooner. I'm a Mac!

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