Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy (Early) Birthday and a Merry Christmas, too

So I took Friday off b/c I had tons of things to get done & likely not enough weekend to do them all. Plus, it's been super quiet at work, and I like to take advantage of quiet Fridays when I can! Did I accomplish everything on the to-do list? Uh. Not exactly. But I knocked out the big things - the taxes are (finally) off to the accountant, the house is (mostly) clean, my hair's cut & colored, and I got some time in the practice room (though not nearly enough!).

Yesterday, after I got my hair done - which is quite an affair, let me tell you - I called Derek to meet me for lunch. We ate at this great (new-to-us) burger joint at FireWheel & then I made him go shopping with me. Well, actually, he's been bugging me to tell him what I wanted him to buy me for my birthday. SO I told him it would just be easier if he went with me. =)

He's had several bees buzzing around in the bonnet - like, wouldn't I like a new purse (I'd mentioned it several weeks ago) and, oh, wouldn't it be terrific to get a new computer. I know what you're thinking. Exactly what I was thinking. I'll take the purse ... and maybe some new shoes to match the new purse and call it a day. haha Long story short, yep, I did get a new purse (and matching wallet) and decided that was plenty & actually walked out of the store without looking at the shoes. *Gasp* I know! And then.....

He talked me into going just to look at the computer he thought I needed. I tried arguing that I didn't need a new computer. Sure, I do absolutely loathe Windows Vista which is on my current desktop, but it's no reason to rush out for a new machine even if I have been reading all kinds of things I can't do on my PC that I could do on the Mac he wanted me to see.

I ultimately agreed to go look. I asked the Apple geek all the tough questions about the computer, its specs, its programs, etc. And as he put the Mac through its paces, I began to understand why people are so in love with their Macs. These machines are just pretty darn slick. (It's no wonder graphic designers won't dream of using any other machine!) When it was all said and done, I had my Christmas present, too.

So without further ado, meet the newest member in our household network (the one on the right).

I've spent a good amount of time learning about my new computer. It doesn't do things exactly the same way a PC does. (Things are easier!) Man, it's got some nifty features. Mom, photo editing is a SNAP - you have to come try this out!

Other than that, not much from here.

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