Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Special thanks to Anna Wight - fellow Libra & animal lover - for allowing me to use the great hand-drawn birthday art above! Anna's a very talented local Texas artist, photographer, and card-maker. Hop on over & pay her a visit!

The story behind the chicken:

When I was two, I got chickens for my birthday. True story! I've always had a thing for chickens. I really like the "fancy" chickens. That probably started with my first chickens, too - they were Cochins. Did you know that chickens, like lots of domesticated animals, each have a unique personality? Yep. Sure do. Some are sassy. Some are sweet. Some like to be held. Some are divas. Well, you get the picture. I would LOVE to have chickens now. Can't you just see a bunch of fancy chickens running around my yard? But Derek says no. =( Guess they're probably not the best pets for city living....especially with a dog who likes to chase small critters.

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