Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beginning to Feel Ready

As you know, this is crunch week for the recital on Sunday. Just thinking about it makes me get all whoozy & have a tummy full of butterflies. And, in usual fashion, it means hours and hours of rehearsing. The three of us participating have had a few rehearsals on group numbers - the first of which was pretty sketchy and, quite frankly, made me wonder if we were going to be ready at all. But last night totally calmed the panic.

I had a voice lesson, which went smashingly well, if I do say so myself. We sang through all of my pieces and only tweaked a few here and there. It's nice to know the work you put in in the practice room is proper/correct/in the right direction to someone else's trained ear! So that was the first calming deep breath - whew, the voice teacher thinks you're ready.

I went straight from there to another group rehearsal. Our boss was kind enough to sightread music & help us tweak the group pieces. We ironed out all the rough places - have tempos set, odd key changes worked out, etc. Another deep breath - the boss is excited about the program.

To me, last night's group rehearsal was the biggest help as the group numbers were (surprisingly) the ones I've been most concerned about. Now, when we meet with our accompanist for the first time tonight, we'll be completely prepared and it will be an efficient use of everyone's time.

Every available minute today will be spent reviewing lyrics b/c those seem to go *poof* the first time you sing in front of a new set of ears. But all in all, I'm confident that we'll give you guys a great show on Sunday!

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