Monday, September 22, 2008

Tech Week

So ... I finally waved the white flag & surrendered ... to my allergies, that is. I took a comp day on Friday. I slept until 9:30 a.m. Can you believe it?! I couldn't. I did the same thing Saturday, too. I knew I was tired but had no idea I was that tired. Sunday came and I finally felt like a human instead of a zombie.

So with my long weekend, I mostly stayed indoors - for obvious reasons. Friday was my lazy day. I made some birthday cards. I picked up around the house. I did a load or two of laundry. I practiced my recital music. Mostly I just tootled around & did a whole lotta nothin'. Saturday I cleaned house b/c it had to be done - and company was coming. Did a little more laundry. Sang some more. Caught up on the DVR shows. Sunday I had a lunch meeting about the upcoming recital. And then I went dress shopping. Ugh. Remind me NOT to do that on a Sunday afternoon ever again!

And there you have it, my exciting long weekend.

This week is tech week for the Broadway review at the paid church gig. I just love tech week. Anyone else sense another Friday of rest?

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