Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Take Me Behind the Barn...

And shoot me. Familiar with the phrase? Maybe it's only familiar to those of us who grew up on a farm. Right now, I think a bullet in the head would be better than the misery my allergies are wreaking. Do you know what the counts were on Monday? No? How about 10, 210 ppm! Oh yeah. You read that right. misery. Yesterday, it was down to a mere 5,743. And today, we're down to a whopping 4,798. And, of course, the fungus - my biggest offender - accounts for most of that, weighing in at 4,000. Did I mention the misery?

Yep. That's all I have for you. Because. Quite frankly. My brain is a jumbled mess of jelly-like thoughts and ramblings. Do I know what that means? Not really. Other than, not a single one of those thoughts & ramblings can be connected to make any kind of sense. And I can barely function like a normal person. I mean, I can't seem to make my lunch. Or have a cup of tea. Without making a huge mess! Because even those mundane tasks just seem to be too much for me. And I'm trying to learn lyrics for the upcoming show & subsequent recital. You should hear the interesting results! Gibberish, I tell you. Absolute gibberish.

Kinda like this post. Which is why I'm going to end your misery. Right now.

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The Calvinator said...

That explains why I've been sneezing constantly all week and why my eyes are itchy beyond belief.