Sunday, September 07, 2008

Stuff and More Stuff

Um, not really much to report from here. Same ol', same ol'. Derek was busy, busy at work last week, which is good b/c August was awfully quiet. We're ready for those kids to get back to school & start falling off those monkey bars ... not that I wish any ill will on your munchkins or anything. But hey, it does pay my bills!

And as usual, I'm up to the usual. Singing. Altho, it's still relatively quiet on that front. I go back to the voice studio this week, so that will fill in another evening. And it means I'll actually have to practice instead of just thinking about it. =) I've been memorizing lyrics, does that count as practicing? Probably not. But it's still necessary nonetheless.

This weekend has been quiet. Hooray for quiet weekends! I did some light cleaning Friday night so I wouldn't have to do much the remainder of the weekend other than what I wanted to do. Sure, I've neglected the laundry, but what else is new?! haha! I got to spend countless hours in the scraproom instead. Finished up a long-promised/neglected project that goes to its rightful recipient tomorrow.

We spent some time on the lake yesterday with some friends. They bought a new boat this summer & have really enjoyed taking it out. And since there's a lake literally on our doorsteps, it's awfully convenient too. I've never been on Lake Ray Hubbard. You know, it's a really nice lake. It's probably considered more a fishermen's lake, but there are some nice ski lanes too that are relatively sheltered from the crazy winds that whip across the majority of the open water there. Derek went skiing for the first time in many summers - he was thrilled to have use for the skis we've been storing in the garage.

Now I'm off to catch the middle half of the Cowboys game at the neighbors'. I'm sure there will be food & fun involved - there always is!

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