Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seems Like a Miss

It appears that the worst may be over. The wind blew, the rain pelted, the patio flooded. It's still raining & windy, but it's a more typical N. Texas rainstorm at this point.

Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Ike tracked a bit further east than forecast yesterday. That's good for both us & my parents. We haven't been out to survey damage, but I would be surprised to find anything major. We lost power before the storm for about an hour but got it back & it's remained on without flickers since then (much to our surprise).

Derek & I had to get out in the middle of the storm to tend to the patio issue - that was fun. Talking about stinging rain - yeowch! And we looked like drowned rats by the time it was all said & done. But we got the water issue under control. The rain has slowed, so I doubt we'll have to worry about that further.

My brother, last I heard, is still at the staging facility in NW Houston. Several units have been deployed to various places - Beaumont, Port Arthur, etc. - but he's still awaiting orders. At this point, the only way to Galveston is via air or by water. The intercoastal waterway is completely obstructed by water and/or debris. Downtown Houston was under water in various places midday. It's littered with glass and other debris in the dry parts. I suspect David will be ordered to that area, but that's only an educated guess on my own part.

Still no word from our family in NE Houston, but we assume no news is good news. The phones will likely be unreliable as they're either a) down or b) jammed with loved ones calling to check on each other.

Again, updates on family as I get them.

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