Saturday, September 13, 2008

Morning Update

We haven't heard from my brother yet today, but that's not terribly surprising. We're not sure we'll be able to get phone calls through to him given the current situation in the Houston area. My mom did speak to him last night. My s-i-l talked to David early this morning. Believe it or not, he slept through the storm. The wind woke him up several times, but he just rolled over and went back to sleep. Figures! He and 200 other Troopers are sheltering in a high school in Northwest Houston. They ran no patrols yesterday - only staged for after-storm duty. They were not anticipating going on duty today until after conditions became favorable for safe travels, which will likely be in the next several hours. Safety is, of course, of utmost importance even for rescue & recovery efforts. It was not clear what their duties would be exactly, but he anticipated running anti-looting patrol. As we hear more, I'll let you know.

Likewise, we have heard nothing from family in Houston - for the same reasons we haven't heard from David. They're in the higher areas in Houston - those least likely to flood due to storm surge and/or heavy rains. So we suspect they are safe & sound.

Us? We're just waiting. It's windy now with occasional gusts. Nothing more than you'd expect in the spring in N. Texas. Thus far, we've had nothing but sprinkles. The leading edge of Ike is just now coming into N. Texas. So we suspect conditions will begin deteriorating as the day goes on. As expected, our electricity has come & gone several times already this morning. As Ike comes into the area, we fully expect to be without power for the remainder of the day (we lose power in thunderstorms on a regular basis so we don't expect our lines to remain standing in tropical storm force winds). We have everything ready - LED lanterns, candles, flashlights, a small generator, etc. - when that happens. Aside from losing power, we're hopeful that we'll sustain little more than gusty wind damage, if anything.

My parents, on the other hand, are in Ike's direct path. They, like us, have also battened down the hatches in preparation for much stronger winds & greater amounts of rain. As it stands, they'll probably have more wind damage. But we're hopeful that it will be little more than fallen limbs. Only time will tell.

I'll keep you updated as we have anything to report.

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