Friday, September 19, 2008

Houston Family Update

From my Aunt Dee:

I talk to Nancy and Kenneth daily right now. Robin and Emma came to stay with Uncle Gregg and I last Friday to get out of harm's way. It was windy here in Brenham with some small branches but nothing of any consequence. We were glad that Robin and Emma came. Nancy and Kenneth got hit pretty hard. News stated that winds in their zip code reached 93 mph. Their homes did not flood but streets had some. Trees and limbs and branches and debris everywhere. Robin's house had a tree on it but it did not do any damage to the house. Kenneth recently had surgery on his shoulder and is not suppose to lift anything over 5 pounds so this makes it impossible for him to do any clearing. Thankfully they have lots of friends and neighbors that have come over to help. They are still without electricity and their land line and water but those of us who have had to weather these storms out before know that this is to be expected. We are always amazed at what upsets others. We never depended on the government to provide us with water and food after these disasters so we just keep moving on and find a way to provide for ourselves. It is much less stressful that way than to wait for someone to take care of you. Anyway, They went to their country home today and it is a mess out there in Liberty County. Gregg and I will go this weekend to help with that clean up. Robin and Emma went home today with an invitation to come back if the electricity is still out next week. It is difficult for a 3 year old to understand why it is too dangerous for her to go and play and also why she can't watch her videos or take a bath. Gregg and I have enjoyed her sweet nature and entertainment she has provided us. She is so loving and cute. One of Robin's good friends home was destroyed by a tree in their mobile home. Thankfully they had evacuated to Splendora. They will stay with Robin till they can find another place and get back on their feet. From what I have been told their area was hit very hard. They have not shown any coverage on the Sheldon area.

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