Monday, September 29, 2008

Close of Another Show & the Ongoing Saga of the Million Dollar Dog

DeJa Revue went without (too many) a hitch this weekend. We had good attendance at both performances. Naturally, Sunday's performance far exceeded Saturday. As with any show, it was a lot of work but worth it in the end. Thanks to all of my family & friends who attended!

And that leaves two very short weeks to prepare for the second performance in LHUMC's Festival of Music Series. An Evening of Song will feature the church's paid solo staff - yours truly included. The twenty-song hour(ish)-long program has something for everyone. Repertoire spans from Broadway to opera to art song to sacred music. Like I said, there's something for everyone. It's crunch time for us & we're really beginning to feel the pressure after DeJa Revue. The next two weeks will once again be filled with rehearsals. But I have to say that I'm much more excited about this show than the last, but it's probably b/c I programmed myself, which means very little choreography. (haha)

In other news, my family in Houston finally has both power and water as of yesterday. Whahoo! I know that the last several weeks have been very tough for them. Can you imagine trying to carry on your day-to-day business without power or water? Nope, me either.

Dori went for her annual teeth cleaning last week. She'd already been for her annual check-up & shots in late August. At the August appointment, we discussed some odd things going on with her back hip. A physical exam showed possible arthritis or hip displaysia. We decided to wait for confirmation via xray when she had her dental cleaning b/c she'd be much more cooperative for the xrays with anesthesia. (Dori hates lying on her back for any reason other than her own gumption!) In the meantime, we started her on glucosamine/chondroitin. Yep, just like you & I would take. One of her labs also came back a little wonky, but the vet who saw her in August thought it could be as a result of the early-stage periodontal disease & sort-of dismissed it. Her dental appointment was with her "regular" vet who is responsible for managing Dori's hepatitis. She was a bit more concerned about the odd labwork from August. So on top of the dental & xrays, Dori had a liver biopsy. Why? Well, that will actually tell us what's going on instead of just showing a shift in numbers like bloodwork does. So we'll know if her current meds are effective, whether a med adjustment is needed, and why her numbers were a little off this time. Xrays did confirm mild/early hip displaysia. We continue with the current treatment regimen & see how it goes. Oh, and we also found out Dori has a "rip roaring" UTI, which is odd b/c she didn't present the usual symptoms. Because she takes maintenance antibiotics, we had to send her urine sample off for culturing so we could pinpoint an effective antiobiotic to knock out the UTI. We get all the labs back this week. As the lady up front said when I picked her up, "Dori was an awfully expensive baby today." Uh, yeah, no kidding. Thank goodness for pet insurance!

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JanaRae said...

Sorry so much is up with Dori; that's one lucky dog, though, to have y'all looking after her!

Noticed your profile picture. Ahh, it IS fair time, isn't it? Sigh. Have a corn dog for me! :-)