Friday, September 12, 2008

And So ... We Wait

As Hurricane Ike bears down on the Texas Gulf Coast, we wait with bated breath. Why? Well, this is the first storm, in as long as I can remember, that actually threatens N. Texas. The center of the storm is currently forecast to pass about 100 miles or so east of DFW, and we are now under Tropical Storm Wind Watch as Ike's path becomes more & more certain. Honestly, we're not all that worried. We expect lots of wind and rain but little else - certainly not what the Coast is sure to get. But, to be on the safe side, we've gathered necessities just in case - candles, batteries, water, food for us & the critters, gasoline in the vehicles, etc. Much of the same things my family on the Coast and in E. Texas are doing. David's been called to duty & is now in Houston awaiting the storm. Now ... we all wait.

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Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Sus, 100 miles E. of Dallas is... Sulphur Springs! I have been watching the news and praying for Texas and everyone I know in Houston. Thinking of you guys, too.