Monday, August 11, 2008

Start All Over Again

My summer break has drawn to a close. This week, I go back to the ol' singing schedule. I've enjoyed this summer immensely. While I did "work" this summer on my various trips, the trips were a respite from the usual nonetheless. I get to jump back in with both feet as I immediately begin rehearsals for a Broadway review scheduled for the end of September and a recital slated for just two short weeks after that.

I certainly made the most of my weekend. We went to dinner with the in-laws on Friday night for their anniversary. Saturday, I got up & walked the dog and then detailed my car. It's amazing how dirty Ez had gotten. All the little spotty showers - and I certainly use that term loosely - the last week or so basically drew attention to the fine layer of dust that had settled. Now she's all sparkly clean, though she could definitely use a wax job - stupid bird poop. The little wash job took several hours - what can I say, I'm a perfectionist - so it was well into the morning before I got started cleaning house. We were supposed to have a house full of company for the Cowboy game. But ultimately, that moved to the neighbors' house. And I have to admit that I was a little relieved. It's a drag to clean & then have to re-clean after company. We spent the afternoon watching part of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and napping, of course.

Saturday night, I went to see Nine with a few friends. I didn't know much about the show before I went. I mean, I understood the basic primace but wasn't really sure how they were going to pull it off & whether or not it was really going to keep my attention. To my surprise, the show was fantastic. I can't say there are any unforgettable tunes, but the story as a whole was a hilarious romp through Guido's "misadventures," shall we say. The acting was superb and the singing wasn't too bad either.

Sunday was a lazy day. I did a little laundry. But mostly, I read Twilight. OMG, I loved this book! And I can't wait to read the remaining books in the series. Long story short, it's a vampire love story. I know, sounds weird, right? But seriously. Meyer is a terrific story-teller. Check out her book(s)!

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