Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain, Lovely Rain

We've had about five days of rain. And it's wonderful! The temps are much cooler - only in the 80s. And everything's green & happy. My grass certainly appreciates "real" water instead of the stuff that comes out of the sprinklers. Unfortunately, with the rain comes the fungus. And that means that my butt is dragging this week.

The last week has been busy. I've gone back to the paid singing job, so that means weekly obligations. (Plus, being the paid singer means I often get hired to sing other events, like weddings & funerals. I sang a wedding this weekend in the chapel.) I now have some idea what I'm in for from now until Christmas. And it will be lots of work. The three of us who are paid singers met to program our October recital. We made some excellent headway, so I feel a little better about that. Now...if I can just get some return phone calls on the accompanist front, everything will be settled!

This weekend, we went out with the neighbors for Skeet's birthday. With that group, you can always count on some crazy fun. And a late night. We went to The Grape for dinner. It's Restaurant Week here in Big D, so we got to take advantage of the special menu & fixed price. The food was terrific! And then we went dancing. It's been ages since I've done that ... at home anyway.

Other than that, you haven't missed much.

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