Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ireland: Day 10

And now we must say our goodbyes and bid a fond farewell to our beloved Ireland. We loaded up the bus one last time for our final drive to the airport - just a few minutes' drive from our hotel. Michael & Gary helped us navigate the crazy busy airport, which was a good thing b/c I'm not sure we would have ever found our way to the correct queue for checking in for our flight! Though the line was long, it moved surprisingly fast & we were checked in & through security in no time flat, though we didn't have too much time to wait to board our flight - maybe 45 min. tops.

The flight home from Dublin to Chicago was pretty bumpy - lots of ups & downs w/ quick hiccups in altitude. It felt like a Six Flags ride! We made the maze through customs at O'Hare & had about an hour or so to kill in the terminal before boarding our flight for DFW. All of us flipped on the cell phones (pretty funny to see 70 people on the phone at the same time) & made the quick calls to home.

We made it to Dallas only to have to wait around for over an hour for our luggage, which happened to fly home before we did. Well, part of it. My big bag was MIA & appeared on my doorstep via courier the following afternoon - thankfully, all in one piece w/ contents intact.

A big thanks to Gary, Michael, Lena, and Joe for showing us a fabulous time. The trip was just grand thanks to you! And, Ireland, we won't soon forget ye!

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