Monday, August 04, 2008

Geez, It's Hot

Holy crap. I think I've died & gone to hell! Do you want to know what the high temp was yesterday? 107 ... 107!!! And it was humid. Where did our mild summer go? It was so nice there for a while. Then *BOOM* all of a sudden we're in the throws of a major heatwave. No matter what you did this weekend, it was hot. It was hot inside. It was hot outside. It was hot in the car. It was hot in the stores. It was just hot. Hot. HOT! And now that I'm all cranky about it.....let's talk about the weekend, shall we?

Aside from the fact that it was bloody hot, the weekend was nice. We had a quiet evening at home on Friday. We'd bought a new extended episode of one of our favorite sci-fi shows (Stargate SG1) & finally sat down to watch it. Then we did a little light cleaning before tucking in early. Saturday, I got up early to walk the dog, go for a run, and do some light yardwork. When I started the day at 6:30 a.m., it was 88 ... and humid. By the time I came in at 8, I was drenched. Blech. I had to shower before I could even start the housework. Did a little running around with mom & Granny midday (gluten free shopping at Central Market). Then came home & finished up the housework. Had to get that done since company might be coming. Well, that & it just needed to be done, ya know. In the evening, I went to a wine tasting party at my friend/co-worker Daon's house. A bunch of girls hanging around sipping wine. Good times. Derek BBQd chicken & ribs in my absence with a few friends & family. They must have had a good time b/c they were still there when I got in at 11:30! Yesterday we enjoyed a quiet day at home. Derek made me breakfast tacos (yummy). I have to say, it was nice not having to cook & being waited on. I could get used to it! ;p After breakfast, we cleaned up from the BBQ and did odds-n-ends around the house. I finally put our new wine rack together & Derek installed it in the pantry. He likes an excuse to use power tools. We ran a few afternoon errands. Mostly we just tried to stay cool.

And now it's time to start a new week. This is the last week of my summer break; then it's back to the regular singing schedule.

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