Wednesday, July 23, 2008


For those of you interested in knowing the whole story:

My judge's son, Stephen, was involved in a single-car accident yesterday morning. They believe he had a seizure (he has epilepsy) which resulted in the accident. The officer who responded to the call told my boss that it was a horrific accident and he was amazed Stephen was even alive.

Stephen is at Parkland Hospital in the ICU. The initial CT scan indicated a moderate concussion with some slight bleeding and swelling of the brain. Nevertheless, they are cautiously optimistic about Stephen’s prognosis. Other than mild abrasions on his knuckles and the left side of his face, Stephen’s only injuries are the ones listed above, i.e., he has no broken bones or internal injuries, etc.

For most of the day yesterday, Stephen was intubated & sedated. Once they felt confident surgery was not necessary & he was stable, they removed the tube & brought him out of sedation. He was responding to instructions (e.g., raising two fingers when asked to) and had feeling in his extremities. He was giving the thumbs up when asked how he was doing. My boss is, of course, very much relieved.

Stephen had another CT scan overnight. The results are still positive and the doctors are pleased with his situation. While all of the objective data looks good, they anticipate Stephen will be in the hospital for some time as he will have some neurological issues as a result of the impact.

{UPDATE 3 p.m.}
Stephen has been sitting up in a chair today and recognizes/knows the people who are visiting. They are considering moving him out of ICU to a room tomorrow or the next day. They will be assessing his “cognitive issues” over the next several days and determining whether he should do in- or out-patient rehab.

Please continue to lift this family up in your prayers for a speedy, successful recovery.

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