Monday, July 21, 2008

Things: Installment 6

This is a fun one that struck me over the weekend. Enjoy!

Things: I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up (revised)

  1. Sue Ellen Ewing - hey, don't knock it! I grew up in the Dallas era. And my mom watched it religiously, as did I. I know. Crazy. But I loved the story, and most of the "adult stuff" flew over my head anyway. But oh how I wanted to be Sue Ellen Ewing. She was strong, determined, sassy, self-assured, well spoken, rich, good looking - every little girl's dream, right? LOL
  2. Mary Lou Retton - again, consider when I grew up. The American Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team was HUGE. And every little girl loved watching them. I loved doing stupid tumbling runs in the backyard & making everyone I fell flat on my butt. (I earned the nickname "Grace" honestly!) But I had the best 10 stance ever!
  3. Mob boss' wife - LOL. In a sick & twisted kinda way, right? Good grief, Grasshoppa. I know. WAY out there. But hey, who REALLY had all the power? The women, of course! hahaha Can't blame a girl for dreamin'.
  4. Marine biologist - If I recall correctly, a trip to an aquarium sparked this interest. And then there were subsequent trips to Sea World, etc. I was fascinated by marine mammals & their care & training. Ultimately, I realized that jobs in this field were few & far between.
  5. Aerospace engineer - As a child of the 80s, I remember the "race for space." And I distinctly remember the Challenger tragedy. My third grade class watched the lift-off live on television. Talk about startling. But ultimately, it sparked my interest in aeronautics. And this interest lasted quite a long time - all the way up through my jr year of high school. I ultimately wanted to fly fighter jets off aircraft carriers but had to give up that dream when I realized I wasn't tall enough to even try. That didn't dissuade my interest in flying. I then decided I could design the planes. Then, of course, there was the downsizing of the military & all of the subsequent layoffs in the industry. Again, jobs were few & far between.
  6. Contemporary Christian singer - This was more of a pipe dream amongst friends. We had such fun creating stage names. In the end, we all knew it was a road none of us would travel. But it was fun dreaming!
  7. Small & exotic animal vet - And this is the aspiration that took me to college. I really wanted to work with zoo animals. So I started on the track that would take me to vet school. In the end, I panicked over all the standardized tests I would have to take to make it (I'm not a good test-taker), not to mention the tremendous amount of debt I would have to accrue, & switched to an ag business degree.
  8. Ag banker/broker - With my ag business degree, I pursued jobs in the finance industry. Ultimately, I had no luck. I'm not sure if it was simply that I didn't have the experience or that I looked SOOOO young (I was actually told "you don't look old enough for ANY of my clients to take you seriously") or that I simply wasn't looking in the right places for a job related to my education. But ultimately, I sought employment outside the financial industry.
  9. Lawyer - So after having no luck finding a job, I talked to a family friend who also happened to be an attorney. He encouraged me to look at the legal profession - I was detail-oriented, organized, smart. Basically, he thought I had all the tools to make a great lawyer. And that's how I landed my current job. I pursued postings in the legal field. I thought I might go to law school or maybe become a paralegal. But once I got here, I realized that, while I would be good at it, I didn't really NEED a legal education to be happy. And to pursue a legal career, I would have to give up my vocal endeavors that had just begun to bud.
  10. Opera singer - And that brings us to the present. One day I hope to sing on a "big" stage - something with the DSO would be nice. The Met would be a dream come true. But in the meantime, I'll take the small stage any day of the week just knowing that I can do something that I truly love - SING.

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JanaRae said...

Well, you ARE strong, determined, sassy, self-assured, well spoken, and good looking. As for rich, bank accounts are personal matters, after all. ;-) But you are incredibly rich in talent, love, and friends, and to me, that counts for a heck of a lot. Besides, even though I still think you'd make an incredible attorney, happiness---including pursuit of artistic dreams and goals---is worth SO much more, as you've been wise enough to figure out. Kudos.