Monday, July 07, 2008

Things: Installment 5

I'm in Ireland this week. But I had the opportunity to make a great list to post while I'm away. I think you'll enjoy it.

Things: About Getting Ready for Travels

  1. I make a million lists. (see previous post about my list habits) It's my way of making sure I don't leave anything at home. I make lists for big trips months in advance, and I spend the next few months tweaking the list. As I think of things, I alter the list. I printed my Ireland list AT LEAST four times before I left, and EVERY list was different. I was finally happy with it & so I packed with the last one. =)

  2. I start packing about four days before I leave. I know. It seems crazy. But when you have a list of things you HAVE to take, making room for those things & everything else can be tricky. Going to Ireland has been a packing endurance contest b/c luggage restrictions have changed - both for the airlines & for our travel company. So I had to fit everything in SMALLER, LIGHTER luggage. Ugh! Me. The overpacker in smaller luggage. HA!

  3. I start getting butterflies about a week-and-a-half before a trip. I'm not sure why. But this always happens. And when it happens, it usually means that I unpack & repack the suitcase (if it's packed) b/c I'm worried that the butterflies are some sort of sign that I've forgotten something. And I just generally freak out!

  4. I never sleep well the night before a trip. Sometimes I wonder why I bother going to bed at all. B/c you can almost bet that I haven't slept more than a few hours, if that. I think my mind turns all night long. Out of excitement. Maybe a little bit of anxiety. I've learned to take something before bed, but that doesn't guarantee a good night's sleep. It's kind-of like when I was younger & it was Christmas Eve. I never slept then either.

  5. I'm an overpacker. It's a chronic condition. Just ask my dad. He used to tease me about the weight & sheer volume of luggage I would take to summer camp or on weekend trips. While I've scaled back some over the years, I'm still the one with 500 pairs of underwear, 15 pairs of shoes, and the medicine cabinet - regardless of the length of the trip!

  6. I leave a handbook at home for the person in charge. Everyone makes fun of me for this. But the person who's left behind - whether it's Derek or the neighbors or the house sitter - always knows 1) where I am at any given time, 2) how to get in touch with me, 3) who to call if I'm not reachable, 4) every emergency number in a 20-mi radius, 5) vet info, 6) where we keep weapons, 7) what their daily duties are, 8) where we keep certain items, etc, etc, etc. I like to eliminate as many questions as possible. You know, cover all the bases. (Would you be surprised to hear that I leave a handbook behind at work too? It, of course, has more work-related information in it. =) )

  7. I always clean house before I leave town. Even if I'm the only one who's going anywhere. There's just something about leaving the house clean that makes me feel better about going. And it's a lot more likely to be clean when I come home if that's how I left it.

  8. I give careful thought to what I wear on the airplane. It has to be comfortable, made of all-natural fibers, and easy to run in. Hey, IF something horrible happened & my plane went down, I'd want to know I could run like holy hell & not have plastic clothes embedded in my burned flesh! (Natural fibers burn away without adhering to flesh, just in case you wanted to know. My co-worker who spent 5 yrs working in the burn unit at Parkland told me that.) I also never, ever go sockless b/c a) you have to go thru security with your shoes off & I'm not wearing those little booties or going barefooted and b) you don't even want to know what's been on the floor of that airplane (at least according to every stewardess I know).

  9. I try to see all of my good friends & family before I leave, especially when I'm leaving the country. Kind-of a bon voyage, if you will. Any excuse for a party! And everyone gets their chance to say "please bring me 'x.'"

  10. Last but not least ... I kiss all my critters goodbye before I leave & explain to them I'll be gone & for how long & to be good for whomever will be watching them. For whatever reason, it does seem to help with the loneliness issue. Or I like to think it does.

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I actually think that the handbook is a smart idea
I should make one too,I think