Monday, July 21, 2008

Ireland: Day 1 & 2

So we totally lost Day 1 to travel. Left DFW about 1 in the afternoon on the 4th & got into Dublin at 8 am on the 5th. Ugh. Talk about jet lag! Our tour guides Gary & Michael met us at the airport. We boarded our two buses & took a scenic tour of the city before checking in to the hotel - we were all zombies. So needless to say, we only remember the things we photographed (and/or journaled about)...and subsequently saw again at the end of our trip. Before dinner, we opted for a late-afternoon tour of the Guinness Warehouse in lieu of a nap (smart idea!). Learning about the whole brewing process was surprisingly interesting...and we got a free pint. Our hotel was very nice - albeit very oddly laid out. They had clearly converted apartments into the hotel so there were stairs galore & the elevator was virtually useless & the hotel was all chopped up into several different buildings. Otherwise, though, it was a nice hotel. Dinner took forever - I don't think they were really prepared for 70 of us eating dinner all at once. But the food was good & we didn't really care as long as we got food before bed. And most of us went to bed as soon as possible afterward anyway.

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I loved the Guinness place, especially the gift shop, I cant remember what we did not buy there

slide photos are cool but very small :)