Monday, June 23, 2008

WiiFITness Challenge: Week 3

I feel like this is the slowest process EVER. Ugh. Haven't really gotten anywhere. But one of my co-workers pointed out I could be trading fat for muscle, which, as you know, weighs more than fat. So yeah. I'm going with that since the scale has gone up & then back down but not really marking any progress in the direction of my goal weight.

21.87 BMI / 118.8 lbs / WFA 31

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Olga said...

I would not worry about it too much. I have been the same weight since high school (I mean to the pound) and I work out every day. Your body will loose all the fat it can and trade it with muscle. However, eventually you will hit a plateu where your body will no longer be challenged and you will not loose any more weight or gain anymore muscle unless you kick it up a few notches. For example: I run outside 1-2 times a week (up a hill) instead of treadmill b/c I can no longer get a great workout by running on treadmill. Even though tread mills have incline bars, they aren't the same as running outside (weather conditions/sun/hills/wind) Good Luck!