Monday, June 16, 2008

WiiFITness Challenge: Week 1

The evaluation.

So to get started in this whole process, you have to submit yourself to an evaluation of your current status. Yep. You guessed it. You get weighed, measured, & aged. What do I mean? Well, let me just walk you through the process.

First, the WiiBoard introduces itself. I know. Weird, right? Whatev. Get used to it. It tells you lots of things you don't want to hear.

Now that you're all friends with the Board & all, you get to test your balance by keeping the little blue ball in the center of the Board displayed on the screen. The idea is to find your center. Basically, you're figuring out if you have good posture or bad posture. I believe we've already established my bad posture, so we know how I faired on this one.

Then you get to tell the Board a little bit more about yourself. It weighs you, you enter your height & age. The Board then calculates your BMI using a fancy formula that factors in what you've just told it about you. Note: your Mii changes to reflect your weight (underweight, normal, overweight, obese). I point this out b/c Derek was surprised when his Mii got fluffy. =)

Now comes the fun part. Body Control. You take two balance tests. The Board tries to make this a fun game. But in my opinion, it fails miserably! But that's probably just b/c I sucked at the game.

Using all of this information, the Board calculates your Wii Fit Age (WFA). Be forewarned, the balance portion is crucial! I had "normal" everything else, but when I finished the balance portion the Board asked me if I tripped a lot when I walked. Needless to say, you can just call me Grace & my Wii Fit age is pretty pooey.

After all that, it asks you whether you'd like to lose any weight & how long you'd like for it to take. You get a trainer & start on the road to FITness.


Here it is.


Beginning - 117.5 lbs / 21.62 BMI / WFA 43
Goal - 110.0 lbs

TBA (I forgot to look his up)

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