Monday, June 09, 2008

Things: Installment 1

I've decided I'm going to start a new series of posts - the Things Series. Don't ask me why I'm starting this series. Maybe it's b/c I've thought of random lists of Things that I can write about on a weekly basis. Maybe it's b/c I just want to. Whatev. Henceforth, every Monday I will post a new Things post until I'm all out of things to say - each week we'll have a new topic.

Should you feel inclined to participate, post your own weekly Things List & leave me a comment with the link. I'd love to see your own contributions to the week's list of Things.

On to this week's list.

Things: I Love

  1. Google Reader. Why? B/c it makes it SO much easier to keep up with all the bloggers I've begun reading. My list went from one or two to ... well, A LOT. I still have a few I have to go to on my own (like a few of the restricted ones, i.e. don't allow a Reader subscription), but Google Reader cuts down on the amount of time I spend clicking. And that's a time saver!

  2. The Internet. Okay. This may sound stupid. But do you remember life without the interwebs? I do. And then somewhere along the way, I got hooked. And I've had a few weeks where I couldn't get internet & then I REALLY began to wonder what I ever DID without it! Crazy. I mean, now we've gone so far as catching up with our favorite TV SHOWS through the internet. Some people talk on the phone via the web - I myself am not there yet, but I certainly have done my share of online chatting. Now the internet is my first source for just about everything - maps, recipes, general info, mail, bills, and the list goes on.

  3. Frank Sinatra. Really, I love all big band music, but my first love has been & will always be Ol' Blue Eyes. When I'm in the truck, I'm always tuned in to Siriusly Sinatra. What a great station that is. So much info on Frank & the family & the music & his life. I just love it. (ALMOST makes me want to get satellite in my car...except that I'm not really in it enough to warrant even the $8/mo it would cost me.) {Sigh} Frank may be one of the biggest reasons I love What Women Want so much - he makes up SO much of that soundtrack. And good movies are often made/broken on good soundtracks. I just love his music. Even in his later years when his voice began to suffer, he didn't do the total tank like Elvis did. It was just tired & worn ... like your favorite leather chair.

  4. Odd Veggies. Like lima beans, brussel sprouts, & asparagus. Things that most people just don't care for. The dog also loves these veggies, so we often share veggies at dinner time (she gets her own plate, of course). Growing up, no one would have ever guessed that I'd like these veggies. Shoot. Most people don't believe me now when I tell them. I'm a wee bit particular about my food. So these things would fall in the "least likely foods she will eat" category if anyone were to be keeping a list.

  5. Luxury Autos. Not to sound materialistic. B/c I'm really not. But before I got my Ezmerelda, I used to think that the luxury car drivers who raved about their cars were just blowing a lot of smoke. The cars couldn't REALLY bet that much better than the cars we regular joes were driving. Well, after replacing my Mazda 6 with my Lexus IS250 (in case anyone cared to know the comparison), I'm here to tell ya that there IS a HUGE difference. They're quiet, hug the road, ride SO smooth, have giddety-up, have more safety features (knee airbags, for crying out loud!), have more "fancy" features (HK speaker system, though this is kinda lost on me, but the nifty no-key feature is cool!), to name a few. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to a "regular" car.

  6. Sunsets/Moonrises. I love being outside. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time outside, particularly at the lake (mostly BD (before Derek) & before severe allergies, of course). There's nothing like a sun setting or moon rising over the water. So beautiful. Awe-inspiring. Even now I get to enjoy the random sunset or moonrise - more often when I'm on my way to a rehearsal. There's nothing like the rainbow of colors you get from a sunset. The way it makes you feel. All warm & happy inside. Moonrises are beautiful in a different way. More in its austere glow than in the warmth of its colors. Either way. Both give me reason to pause & be thankful.

  7. Family. Family is SO important to me. I was raised in a tight-knit family & that taught the importance of the family unit. When everyone else turns their back on you, your family doesn't - blood IS thicker than water, after all. My family has always been a constant form of support, encouragement, love, understanding, forgiveness, and wisdom. I honestly cannot imagine my life without family in it. I truly hurt for those who are literally on their own and/or who have never known the love of family. I honestly cannot imagine - how they manage, cope, go on, how alone they must feel. Me against the world? No thanks. Me & my family against the world? Any day of the week!

  8. Friends. To me, my close friends can get lumped in the Family category. Because True Friends are synonymous with family. I'll go to great lengths for my friends, just as I would family. I am blessed with some really wonderful friends. I'm amazed at their generosity, kindness, openness, faithfulness - their willingness to jump to it when called upon. They're there when needed & even when not.

  9. Music. Music has been a huge part of my life from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I remember songs from my preschool days. My mom taught me to play piano. My church choir director began giving me roles in kids musicals from the tender age of six. From preschool to piano lessons to church choir to band to voice lessons, my love of music has grown exponentially. I am certainly blessed with an inate musical ability. I was a relatively good piano player. I was an even better flute player. But it's singing that really captured my heart and I've always believed it to be my greatest musical gift. But more importantly, music is a gift TO ME - it's calming, soothing, peaceful, meditative ... it's like medicine for my soul.

  10. Faith. While last on the list, it is most important in my life. My faith in my God. Faith in God was a big part of my family life. I was raised in the church. At ten, I accepted this tremendous gift as my own & began my own lifelong walk. My faith has gotten me through some really rough patches. And my faith reminds me to be thankful for my many blessings. Each day is a struggle to be a better disciple than the day before. Some days I'm more successful than others. But in the end when my walk is through, I hope to hear "well done my good and faithful servant."

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