Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I'm such a sucker sometimes.

I have several friends - both online and off - who have been absolutely raving about the new Ninenteno Wii Fit. (Actually, they've all raved about the Wii in general b/c it's totally interactive regardless of what game you're playing.) They all claim that it really is a great workout and totally worth every penny they paid for it.

Derek & I have failed miserably at our getting-to-the-gym routine. The day we went to join our local gym, we couldn't get a rep to give us a tour & sign us up. We haven't been back since. {Hangs head in shame} We've tried walking regularly, but for those of you who don't know anything about Texas, it's bloody HOT this time of year! So needless to say, we haven't been successful in walking frequently either. Plus, my allergies are still on full tilt which means any kind of outside activity a) is limited and/or b) makes me suffer miserably. {Sigh}

Okay, so everyone is raving about the Wii Fit. It might be a good alternative to the gym & the outside activity. That's fine & dandy. But I don't even own a Wii!! So that puts me in a bit of a pickle. Not only would I have to buy the Fit bundle pack, but I would also have to buy the Wii itself. Hmmm. So the big question becomes: Is it economical? Outside activity is free - so long as you don't factor in my misery, whining, & meds. The gym, on the other hand, will cost a minimum of $60/mo. - and for you non-math majors, that's a minimum $720/yr. The Wii bundle with two remotes is about $300. And the Fit bundle (without the $30 yoga mat) is about $90. So for about $400 we can workout in the comfort of our air-conditioned home complete with HEPA filters & all. Huh. Maybe it IS a good value after all.

Yep. I'm a sucker. Derek found a system; now we're on the hunt for the Fit. I'll let ya know what a slob I am when I start the program & how things progress. I have a feeling this is going to be a hilarious process.

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I cant wait to find out!
And it is not only hot this summer it is WINDY!!!!