Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fun New Game

Ordinarily, I don't play on either of the gaming systems we own. I'm an old-school video gamer - SuperMario, SuperMario3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris - you know, the ooooooooold stuff. I've tried newer versions, but let's face it, girls are just not cut out for 3D gaming. No really. It's true. They've done studies. Something about the way our brains work (no added commentary necessary). We're just not as cut out for that type of gaming. I digress. Point is: I don't play video games.

Yesterday, Derek talked me into buying SingStar for PS3. Basically, it's a karaoke game. And you can actually compete & get scored on accuracy. So I played a little. It was soooo much fun. And it was a lot like the game I played at a friend's bachelorette party & liked so much. These games are not as easy as you might expect. You have to be dead-on accurate ... by the game's standards not necessarily by how the popular artist sang the tune. And vibrato is a definite no-no if you want good accuracy. But all in all, it was lots of fun & we plan to download several more packs of songs for better variety. I foresee some SingStar parties in our future.

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sarahk said...

Yep, we have a karaoke game that we got on GameCube that also works on the Wii. So much fun, but yeah -- no vibrato allowed. I really have to concentrate for that.