Thursday, June 05, 2008


Do you ever feel like you have a lot to do & not a lot of time to do it? For whatever reason, that's what I've felt like this week. Maybe it's b/c I'm definitely in 'allergy haze,' as I like to call it, which basically means I'm lucky if I remember my name much less what day it is. Scary.

Anyway. The weekend approaches & it's chocked full of things to do. Aside from getting the house clean before leaving town, I really need to spend an entire day in the craft room, but I'm not going to get one of those until I get back from Memphis. Hmmm. Guess all those cards will just have to wait. I'm behind on several birthdays (belated is still better than nothing, right?), a couples' move to 'the Big City' (almost three weeks ago now!), thank you cards for Derek to send out for birthday gifts, etc. At least I have the Father's Day cards done!

We're taking a friend to dinner for his birthday tomorrow night. I hope to get his card done before we go. Naturally, I've picked a complicated double-pocket card (lots of folding here) to fit his two gift certificates. The directions look simple enough, but I've learned that even simple takes me at least an hour!

I have to get a bunch of stuff for my trip to Memphis next week. As a chaperone, I have to lug a little more than I ordinarily would b/c I have to be a traveling medicine cabinet. You know how teenagers are - they're lucky if they remember to attach their brains in the morning! But it's okay. I'd rather have the stuff than not have it ... just in case. And it will likely come in handy for my Ireland trip too. At least I don't have to worry about the 3-oz-or-less rule for Memphis - we're traveling by charter bus instead of plane! Me & the travel aisle of several stores are going to become great friends!

At some point I need to shop for Father's Day gifts. Since we won't be celebrating with either dad until at least the week following, I technically have an extra week or two to shop. But being in Memphis Tues-Sat kinda throws a kink in even that plan. I know the things I want to buy, and they're in the realm of possibility for Derek to handle. So I may leave those items up to him. Hmm. That is a thought.

Sunday we're celebrating Derek's birthday with my parents - complete with his favorite ... chocolate cake. Yum. We'll likely go to dinner too. It's my parents' anniversary on Sunday & they always come into Dallas for a nice dinner.

Off to make some lists.

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