Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cleaning & Packing

Whew. There was a lot to do this weekend! Laundry, cleaning, shopping, planning, preparing, packing. For the most part, I'm ready for my Memphis trip. I got the shopping done so all of the travel-sized stuff is purchased & the first aid kit is assembled. Being a chaperone requires a bit more planning. I'm somebody's mom on this trip. (Shudder) So I had to pack accordingly. Most of the packing is done. I have a few last-minute things to go in the suitcase. And I'm sure that I've once again overpacked. My keep-me-occupied bag is still in the packing stages - there are batteries to be found & charged, movies to be selected & packed, and songs to be downloaded to the iPod. The freezer is stocked so Derek has some things to eat while I'm away, assuming he doesn't eat with the neighbors all week.

Ezmerelda came home from Sewell. And went back to Sewell. (Sigh) When I picked her up on Friday, I got halfway home, stopped for gas, & discovered a NEW scratch on the passenger side door. I called my rep, who was very apologetic, & we made arrangements. A rep brought me a car & took Ez back to Sewell on Saturday. Hopefully that repair is completed today. Otherwise, Derek will have to coordinate the delivery/pick-up. I'm tellin' ya. I really AM beginning to feel like I have a "Scratch Me" sign on that car!

Our new dishwasher came Saturday - whoohoo! Mom & dad came over today to celebrate Derek's birthday & visit. I sweet-talked dad into installing the dishwasher. He & I (with a little help from Skeet & Derek) got it in. I ran a load of dishes last night. It's sooooo quiet - we didn't even notice it was running. And the new tall-tub is so wonderful. I can fit big stuff with NO trouble at all. Plus, you can wash three racks at a time if you want to (I just did two). It has all kinds of nifty features, like sanitize & steam clean. I'm going to love this dishwasher! Thanks, dad, for putting it in.

Other than that, I made a few cards. Oh, and we played on the Wii. We're going to love this new system. Mom & dad played with us some and really seemed to enjoy it too. Wonder if we'll talk them into one? =) I'm not starting the fitness challenge until next Monday since I'll be out-of-town this week. BUT I will post my beginning info tomorrow.

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