Tuesday, May 13, 2008

X Marks the Spot?

We had a really nice, albeit busy, weekend. As expected, we spent a vast majority of the weekend preparing for Mother's Day. But it was worth it b/c we pulled it off splendidly. The weather was gorgeous on Sunday for our picnic at the lake. And the evening dinner downtown went off without a hitch despite a little hiccup on Friday.

My poor Ezmerelda will be going back to the shop again soon. The stupid valet at the (really nice!) restaurant we had dinner at Sunday managed to scrape her on a curb or something. There's a lovely scratch down the driver's side near the rear tire. Grrrrr! We called the restaurant as soon as we found the scratch & the valet company has already contacted us to take photographs for their adjustor. So theoretically, they may be (better be!) paying for the repairs. Do you ever feel like you're a magnet? Yeah, well, I feel like my poor car is a magnet for scrapes & scratches & dings!

Other than that, it'll be a busy week this week. I have a concert & recital this weekend. So it's a week of rehearsals for me. And somewhere in there, I have to pick up a costume I'm borrowing from a friend & find something to wear for the recital. Eek!

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