Thursday, May 29, 2008

This & That

A few thoughts & tidbits.

  • Tonight I finally get an estimate on the damage to my car caused by the valet company (Mother's Day dinner) several weeks ago. They've actually been (surprisingly) nice through the process. Shockingly, the GM of the valet company wants to handle this himself. (Maybe the restaurant had something to do with that b/c they've called several times to see if we've resolved the issue with the valet company?? Don't know.) So we're meeting this afternoon for photos, etc. Hopefully I can get the car back in the shop {sigh} in a few weeks & Ezmerelda will once again be scratch-free.

  • Yesterday I was fiddling around on AA's website trying to find out what movies will be playing on our flight from Chicago to Dublin (I know. We're not leaving 'til July but I was curious. I can upload movies on my iPod if they're not showing anything good....). In the process, I noticed I could check out dining options too. Come to find out, passengers can request special menus while aboard. And that includes gluten-free meals. I happily passed this information along to mom. We're also checking into requests with the hotels we'll be staying in along the way. It would be nice to have these arrangements made in advance so we don't have to worry as much about what's in the food.

  • Derek is kicking butt at work this month. As I've mentioned a few times, he's above quota thus far for the year. But he has yet to break his personal goal of 100K in sales for a month. He's come very close several times. This month, he's teetering on the edge again. If the girls in the office can get everything that's outstanding entered in the system (and approved by the corporate system), he may very well meet his goal. This is very exciting. Regardless, I'm proud of him for being such a terrific salesman! (And still having plenty of time for family - striking the balance between work & home is always tough, but he's doing a great job without sacrificing happiness on either side of the fence.)

  • I got a new cell phone yesterday. Kinda silly news, I guess. But I'm movin' up in the world of cell phone technology. I got a (simple) smart phone to make texting a lot easier. I'd never sent a text message until 2 yrs ago when I was in the cast of Kiss Me, Kate. Now I'm hooked! (And with the new Premier Program with my cell phone provider, I can get a new phone every year if I want to. Pretty nifty.)

  • Did I mention that we got a new dishwasher? We've talked about replacing ours with a fancier model for years but never got around to it. We took advantage of the weekend "Go Green" sale on Energy Star appliances - no sales tax plus 10% off. So the new fancy dishwasher is scheduled to arrive next Saturday. Dad & Derek are going to install it & we hope to get a little something for the old one.

  • Derek turns the big 3-4 this weekend. We're celebrating with a neighborhood cookout. And then the boys are playing golf the next afternoon. Should be a fun weekend.

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