Monday, May 19, 2008

Now For That Rest

Whew. That crazy weekend is over & done with.

Friday's concert went alright. I have to admit my lack of enthusiasm for the whole thing. You know, sometimes you just know your time with something has come to a close. And that's how I've been feeling about Chorale - I've had a good run, I've grown as a singer & soloist, I've had terrific opportunities to do some really stellar works, and now it's time for me to move on. I'll close my tenure with them on the summer tour of Ireland and then I will bid them farewell - and the closure will be bittersweet.

Sunday's recital went splendidly. Every single singer did their absolute best. I know my voice teacher was very proud of each of us. I couldn't have put it better than her husband when he said, "you guys made J look like the best voice teacher in town!" And you know what, in my humble opinion, J IS the best voice teacher in town!

Aside from lots of singing, I also got cards made, got a fair portion of the laundry done, got stuff to finish up the yardwork, and rested. All in all, it was good ... and now ... I rest! Ahhhhhh.

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