Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gluten Free = Pretty Tasty

Mom came over yesterday to do some stocking up on pantry staples for her new gluten free diet. Naturally, most of the stuff she needed wasn't stocked at her local grocery stores. So she ventured over & we went to Whole Foods. They have a lot more selection than I expected. And surprisingly, it wasn't as expensive to get the staples as mom & I thought it would be thanks to the store brand!

We taste-tested a few items last night. The cookies were TO DIE FOR. Mom and I both agreed that we could eat the entire box in one sitting. YUM-MEEEE! We made the boys (Derek and dad) try the rice loaf with us. The overwhelming answer was ... " {blank faces} {big pause} it's different." Yep, it was different, but it really wasn't all that bad. The texture was a little different...kinda like soda bread, but I could get used to that pretty easily.

Mom was more encouraged after her shopping trip - things aren't going to taste like cardboard as she feared. And there's a lot of good GF stuff on the market if you don't want to prepare for yourself all the time b/c that does, after all, require a little bit of planning.

It will still be an adjustment, but I think we're all learning that it won't be too bad. My friend Jana was kind enough to alert me to a neat gluten-free recipe search tool provided for all of the Cooking Light recipes. Thanks, Jana, mom will be glad to have a treasure trove of recipes that are gluten free!

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sarahk said...

Off-the-shelf GF bread is teh yuck. The freezer breads are pretty good, especially if you add coconut oil, garlic, and salt. :) But when I want bread that tastes like real bread, I use Pamela's mix. Better than any bread I've had off the shelf.

BTW, if y'all haven't tried Pamela's brownies, dooo it.