Thursday, May 15, 2008


Have I mentioned how much I really don't like weeks where I get NO QUIET EVENINGS AT HOME?! Umm. Yeah. Well. Sorry. I'm a little cranky about it. Here's looking forward to Monday...and the beginning of a very quiet week.

As I said, this week is crammed. Rehearsals. Rehearsals. Rehearsals. A/C check-ups. Concerts. Rehearsals. Insurance adjustors. Church. Church. Recitals. That about sums it up. [Sigh] Not enough sleep. That's for sure.

Speaking of adjustors, we have heard from the valet company about my car. They're supposed to come Saturday to take photos of the damage. I really hope this means they intend to pay for the repairs! It'll only put 'em back about 400 smackers if it's anything like my bumped-on-the-bumper incident. I'll keep ya posted.

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