Friday, April 04, 2008

That's a Record

So yesterday I had 123 hits on The Foxhole. That, dear folks, is a record! As you can imagine, a lot of them were from searches about the bump & shoot gang initiation, which naturally led them to my post from a couple of days ago. Obviously, the word is out & people are looking for verification ... just like I did. There are some urban legends out there with remotely similar details, but none of them match up exactly with the email I received that prompted my post. So we're all left to wonder of the validity of the story. But more importantly, I think it reminds us all to be careful & be observant!

In other news, my allergies are in full form. But that's not really news, is it? *Sigh* Seems to be the norm as of late. Poor Dori is suffering too. Along with all of my other friends with allergies. So I guess there's some comfort in knowing I share the misery with others.

Derek's at the races with "the boys" this weekend. I think they survived the early morning storms - I haven't heard otherwise anyway. So I have the house to myself this weekend. And there's not that much on the plate. Sunday is kinda busy but otherwise I can do some fun stuff in the craft room. I already have my to-do list ready and ideas in hand. Can't wait.

We've officially filed an extension on our taxes. It takes me many hours to gather all of our information & get it organized for the accountant since we both claim some form of self-employment income/deductions. And while I'm sure it takes the accountant equally as many hours to prepare our return, I know he loves to see my notebook coming b/c he knows that everything is in order - categorized, labled, tabbed, and with accompanying (detailed, itemized) spreadsheets. I am my accountant's dream client!

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