Friday, April 11, 2008


So...Derek made it to Chicago - albeit 2 hrs delayed due to the storm system that blew through here & made it up there last night around rush hour. According to the news, most of the MD80 issues should be resolved by tomorrow. We'll see. Derek won't be pleased if he has to find alternate means getting home!

I did indeed stay home last night. I finally had the Chinese food I've been craving for several weeks now. Yum. Worked on a rehearsal tape for a co-worker & then scrapped and went to bed early. Exciting stuff here, folks. When will the pollen counts go down?!

Tonight, I'm going with my friend Elise to an opera put on by a local company at the Lakewood Theatre. Should be interesting if it's anything like the last opera this company put on! But the visit will be fun nonetheless.

Tomorrow I'm sleeping late & then doing all the necessary housework and grocery shopping. Hopefully I'll have time to goof around & do some more scrapping - I'm trying to get the Hawaii trip finished. Might not though since I'm going to a dessert auction at 7pm. Might have to wait until Sunday.

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